Your words shape your world. And my words shape mine.

Language not only describes the way we see the world, it shapes the way we see ourselves within the world.

The way you have spoken to your self in the past has created your present.

More useful though, is knowing the words you choose today, create your tomorrow.

So what would you like to create?

Consider the habit of using right / wrong filter to dissect, decipher and decide.

As we discovered in this week’s episode of The Change Room, this unconscious ego-driven filter is all about needing to defend, justify and polarise. But it’s not particularly useful if we want to discover, connect and create or to evolve, progress and transform.

How do we circuit break such a hard wired way of thinking?

Start consciously replacing the language of blame and judgement, right and wrong, with responsibility and opportunity. Find ways of moving from

  • I think you’ll find I’m right
  • Is that the right decision
  • That’s the wrong way to do it.
  • That’s simply wrong.


  • Is it viable
  • How did you come to that conclusion
  • What’s your reasoning for …
  • I suggest this way forward and here’s my thinking

As we explored stories and examples in the podcast episode, whether we’re in the boardroom or the bedroom there’s no rosy future in the right/wrong conversation.

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