Finding confidence to be who you choose to be

Confidence and courage

A poem about finding confidence to be who you choose to be.


You always have a choice

About who you want to be

Come from love 

or be lost in fear


What will it be


Stoke your frustration

Agree with your past

Be right

Or choose to let go

Step aside

reveal the true fight


With the greatest love and wisdom

Here you are

Doing your best

There is no right or wrong 

Life is not a test


Who do you choose to be

What can you glean

Silence the noise

Listen within and

from values and purpose

consciously create what you mean


You are your creator

you’re in the making

Lean in 

Be kind

It’s yours for the taking


Choice is your ally

Practice is the process

Review, reject, rewire


Dust off your filters

Sidestep the drama

Choose your words wisely

Retire your judgement 

Identify facts

Let your feelings be felt

Review, reject, reset, 


Trust who you are

Slow down,



You are not what you do

You get to choose 

Smile, dawdle, ponder

Accept the glory of you

A new way to think

Takes time

Be kind



Practice compassion

Open your heart

Embrace a new truth

You are loveable, valuable and okay

Choose it 

because you can

Let go of the fear and

make love your stand.



I initially wrote this as a reminder for my clients. They loved it so much they suggested I share it more widely. 


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