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Suzy Jacobs

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Suzy Jacobs has graced the business stage for over a decade as a speaker and emcee for Comm Bank,, Momentum Media, Australian Tax Institute, Baker & McKenzie, Regal Health and JAXSTA to name but a few.

Suzy combines experience, straight-talking pragmatism and charisma to see the value in seeing the world differently.

With clients all over the world Suzy is an expert in engaging and connecting in a virtual world.

You were a superstar host of our awards night. Thank you

Sam Gilbertson
Australian Institute of Training and Development

Suzy is a very professional speaker. Well prepared, relevant content that tied in nicely with our agenda. She is reliable and knowledgeable in delivering a smooth remote/virtual keynote presentation.”

Charlotte Laurent
Momentum Media

Masterful in creating a cohesive narrative. All our guests felt like VIPs in her presence.

Paula Quirko
Tax Institute, State Manager

You truly inspired everyone in the room. you really pulled the night together and your story truly resonated.

Jacqui Louis Schoorl

I have known Suzy for over six years and each year Fearless gets better. She Business started and continues with the overarching purpose to enable women to be extraordinary. And extraordinary is exactly what Suzy Jacobs is!

Karen James
Executive Manager, Commonwealth Bank

Everyone has raved about your session! Your passion made me look good and inspired a room of 100+ people. Thank you so much!

Robyn Grobelar
EA To CIO, Retail Business Banking, CBA - CBA: Executive Assistants Conference

Suzy is one of the most inspiring speakers I ever met. Incredible harmony of energy, expertise and inspiration!

Marina Iskhanova
Program Manager, Australian National University

Suzy Jacobs is a professional, engaging and powerful MC and speaker. Suzy holds guides, captivates and entertains her audience. She has an uncanny ability to disarm and bring a humility to her style that usually has a dose of humour or a reflection that we can all relate to. Her own keynotes and speeches bring the audience alive with her own experience and knowledge.

Fi Bendall
CEO, Bendalls

You were AMAZING yesterday! I had a fantastic time … you speak so well and look awesome!

Michelle Hespe
Editor, Ceo Magazine

Suzy was an outstanding emcee, promoting both our past and future. She stepped in with wisdom, intelligence, an understanding of our industry, our founders and our community.

Anna Shepherd
Exec Chair, Regal Health

Suzy brings to emceeing and facilitation what she brings to all of her personal communications: infectious uplifting energy, warmth, inclusiveness and a motivating challenge to all to think big and be authentically present. She is the human glue that binds the audience to a common purpose. Enjoyed working with Suzy across multiple national roadshows!

Katie Mihell
Head Of Women In Focus, Commonwealth Bank, 2010-2015

Suzy is simply an amazing MC. She charms and controls the audience in equal amounts, aligning people’s attention and sharing vital information. She is a great stage manager, time keeper and makes all our speakers feel comfortable and welcome. Vivacious, knowledgeable, funny and very entertaining, I would recommend Suzy for any event that needs a brilliant emcee.

Mike Jay
Founder, Media Social & Convergence

I have been reflecting upon what there was about the virtual conference which so impressed me.
I found myself ‘captured’ (in a good way) for lengthy periods and felt that I was part of an event more so than just viewing a series of presentations.
The manner in which Suzy kept the show rolling, energy was a key part – the glue – of the experience and what caused me to feel engaged as an event participant rather than just a viewer.

MC - The Dangerous Dance Gala Dinner
MO Fox, Creative Strategist

I have been reflecting upon what there was about the virtual conference which so impressed me.
I found myself ‘captured’ (in a good way) for lengthy periods and felt that I was part of an event more so than just viewing a series of presentations.
The manner in which Suzy kept the show rolling, energy was a key part – the glue – of the experience and what caused me to feel engaged as an event participant rather than just a viewer.


Suzy was recently a speaker at our Financial Services Lunch. Her presentation was inspirational, moving and relevant. I left feeling enriched and with plenty to think about how I run my life, my career, my relationships. Much of what she said resonated deeply. More than that though, she engaged the entire group, she was animated, warm, and shared personal stories. I highly recommend Suzy as a speaker.

Astrid Raetze
Partner, Baker & Mckenzie

Suzy emceed Inside Retail LIVE 2018 – 2000 guests, 60+ speakers, 100 exhibitors. Her fun, witty, energetic style kept everyone engaged throughout the massive 3-day journey – not an easy task. Easy to work with, fabulous with speakers, guests and team and an asset to our event. Thanks Suzy!

Amie Larter
Director Of Content, Octomedia

Current Passion Topics

Catwalk to Kakadu

Why you can never get what you want … no matter how hard you try.

Have you ever wanted something badly? Like keeping a marriage together, winning a contract, taking your business to the next level, losing weight?

I have. 

A few years back I was invited to trek from Mt Kosciuszko to Eden. Mapping our own track, following the indigenous songline, walking the path of early explorers, navigating rivers, old farmlands and native bush. 350km, unsupported, self-sufficient and totally off-grid.

I signed up immediately. This was the adventure I’d been wanting all my life.

But just a couple of months into our preparations, I withdrew. 

I changed my mind. I chose to stay home instead. 

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you I walk my talk. I’m motivated, disciplined, I know I have what it takes. So what happened?

How could I want something so badly and choose something else entirely? 

June 2021 Suzy begins a new adventure, trekking Australia’s least travelled lands. 

Eighteen days, unguided, unsupported, using compass & map to navigate. 

On her return she’ll share her story.

Challenging your understanding of how you get off track.

Demonstrating and deconstructing the process you can choose to get back on track.

She’ll share insights from CEOs and leaders currently in her program and how they’re applying this ground-breaking syllabus. Training their brain to lead themselves and their team differently.

How to go from wanting to choosing:

  • Identify and remove the ‘unknown’ obstacles to having whatever it is you want.
  • Shorten the time between intention and action.
  • Train your brain to behave in a way that keeps you on track.
  • Develop 100% trust that your next move is the right move.

Strengthen Your Mental Fitness

Your brain is a problem-solving machine! Today you’re going to focus your powers of critical thinking to test your assumptions and strengthen your mental fitness.

Assumptions are risky.

Predictions for 2020 included a “move towards optimism” steady economic growth and a period of recovery after an horrific bushfire season.

But as the new decade ticked over, those assumptions collided with a virus called COVID.

Each of us is facing the fallout of our own assumptions about life in 2020 and beyond. When our assumptions – which are only ideas and dreams about the future – collide with forces outside our control …. the resulting situations can be stressful.

Bringing her inimitable, energetic and vivacious style, Suzy will challenge assumptions about current stress management techniques.

Watch your audience get more and more excited about a game-changing methodology that puts the power of choice in their hands.

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Invite a guest speaker who instantly lifts the energy in a room to speak at or MC your next event. Suzy is like an agony aunt without any answers. She leads with such compassion and genuine interest, her audience barely notices they’re doing all the work finding their own right answers.

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Suzy draws on years of research and in-depth experience to train others to resolve dilemmas and make better decisions, faster.

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