Make EVERY move
your best move yet

If you’re at a crossroads in your life, facing an ethical, personal or professional dilemma that’s weighing you down. It’s too difficult to discuss and too important to ignore, work with me to access a proprietary methodology that will change your life.

You’ll understand yourself better than ever before and know how to make choices that are aligned, congruent and on track.

Choose Your Path

Suzy Jacobs - On Purpose

My greatest wish is for you to experience the power of choice.

To teach you how to use your choices to create anything you want.

For you to know there is nothing wrong with you and nothing to fix but there is a lot to learn (more about that later).

So you can experience peace, joy, confidence and true love and acceptance of yourself.

My aim is to get this education syllabus into the hands of every teenager in Australia. How? Through leaders who have the courage, capacity, connections and the care-factor to help educate the future guardians of this grand land we call home.

If you’re feeling inspired as you read this, yes, I’d love to hear from you.

Equip them when they’re young and you won’t be rescuing them when they’re old.

Stories to Inspire

These kick-ass humans use the mechanism of choice to find peace, clarity and confidence with every choice they make.

There’s a seed of something you think you want to do and there’s a barrier to getting there. This program allowed me to shorten the distance between intention and action.

- Steve Walls

Strategist, Moon Rabbit

I didn’t expect to use these tools within my friendships, my family relationships, and with my husband as well. This program has impacted every aspect of my life.

- Poppy Reid

Managing Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine

I can go out today with the confidence of a 4 year old in a batman t-shirt.

- Kerrie Flood

Principal, Gilroy Barnes