Group Training

The Science of Choice – a potent combination of philosophy, neuroscience and emotional literacy teaches you how to use your choices to find your freedom.

The syllabus consists of three separate programs which you can purchase as a bundle and take over 12 months or purchase individually and take as required.

Each program has been designed as an experience and is delivered over five (5) weeks.

Suzy Jacobs will lead you through every module and facilitate every one of your check-in calls.

Online Training Sessions

Duration: 75 minutes

Each module involves:

  • Introduction to framework
  • Instruction on how to use the framework and how it works in a variety of scenarios
  • Stories and demonstration as it applies to both personal and professional arena.
  • Shared experience and peer to peer learning.
  • Access to comprehensive library of supporting materials
  • Activity sheets
  • Bonus resources
  • Private online community and group chat
  • Recording of sessions made available to participants ONLY.


Weekly coaching call with Suzy.

Clients Share Their Experience

Life is completely different when you find the freedom in your choices.

There’s a seed of something you think you want to do and there’s a barrier to getting there. This program allowed me to shorten the distance between intention and action.

- Steve Walls

Strategist, Moon Rabbit

I didn’t expect to use these tools within my friendships, my family relationships, and with my husband as well. This program has impacted every aspect of my life.

- Poppy Reid

Managing Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine

I can go out today with the confidence of a 4 year old in a batman t-shirt.

- Kerrie Flood

Principal, Gilroy Barnes

Over 90% Of Clients You Enrol In The First Program Go On To Complete The Syllabus.

The program got me out of a mental slump and led to incredible personal growth.

Ash Cannon


I used the framework to improve my relationships – both personal and professional.

Vittoria Clerici

Teacher, Pittwater House

Save a tonne of money. Do this course and you’ll never have to read another self help book again


Wow I feel like I’ve been studying my whole life and now I’m finally studying ME.

Rebecca Baezlar

For anyone who doesn’t know you, they should!! The program was brilliant

Emilya Colliver

CEO, The Art Pharmacy

This is vital. Everyone should do this program. Absolutely life changing for me, my family and my business.

Emma Lynne

The London Gardener

Enlightening. Applicable with tangible results. Has broadened my thinking on everything from connecting with my teenage boys to how I develop my career

Rachel Cottier

CFO, Azure Capital