Crack the code to mental peak performance

To go beyond,

We must grow beyond.

And for that we begin within.


Mentor. Mother. Speaker. Producer. Business Owner. Adventurer.


A self-employed non-conformist with a desire for adventure, I will always take the meaningful path in life.

With nearly three decades at the coal face of commerce, everything from manufacturing to health and fitness, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with those who want to achieve wealth, health and wisdom.

My greatest adventures have been in search of my ‘potential’. These journeys have led me to harness my financial acumen, create global business, push past physical limitations, shake-off self-sabotage and bring my best self to relationships.

I no longer reach for my ‘potential’ (my keynote will let you know why) because I have all I need within.

Work with me and you will ….

release your talent now

develop a team to R.O.C.C. your business

create the relationships you desire

build wealth and financial independence

feel energised and inspired

live your grandest adventure.

Start the process now and you will also access Activator methodology - distinctions, frameworks and processes developed over 15 years and now available for leaders, teams and organisations.

Our clients will tell you, this is not a program, this is the way to create the life you love.

To grow beyond you will go beyond and for that, we begin within.