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Liberate your BIG Beautiful brain.

Teaching you how to move from mindset (who wants stagnant thinking) to mind growth and introducing you to a new way of thinking, where literally everything is possible.

Helping you to make better stuff possible for yourself, your people and our planet.

You have a dilemma. You’re feeling stuck.

You’ve considered your options, utilised your resources.  Listened to colleagues, friends and trusted advisors.

And you’re still not making your next move. Somethings not quite right.

Take a look at the education syllabus used by top-performers across the globe to find the freedom in every choice they make.

This is the Science of Choice.

  • Resolve dilemmas
  • Get yourself unstuck
  • Get clear on whats important to you
  • Find your truth
  • Find your voice
  • Communicate authentically
  • Stress-test your values
  • Discover your purpose

Use the mechanism of choice to find your freedom and make every move your best move yet.

Liberate your BIG Beautiful Brain today.

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Suzy Jacobs | science of choice Australia

Hi! I’m Suzy Jacobs

Thirty years in business and fifteen fabulous years helping high-performers achieve their goals.

Today I am an educator, sharing a methodology that will change the way you see yourself and the world.

It is the Science of Choice, a methodology used by leaders across the globe to find their freedom in every choice they make.

Regardless of expertise or industry each leader successfully applies the methodology to remove obstacles, reduce friction points and find clarity.

Their stories tell of a brighter future for them and the people they lead. My personal favourites come from those using it to parent differently; empowering the next generation to look within and trust themselves to find their own right answer.

This is the Science of Choice – an education, a practice and a way of life for leaders, high-achievers and kick ass humans who have the courage, capacity and care-factor to change the world one choice at a time.

Start where you can – read articles, download a quiz, attend a free masterclass – and I look forward to meeting you when the time is right, and personally guiding you to find your freedom in every choice you make.

Educator, Mentor, Speaker

Discover a framework that equips you to know with certainty, clarity and confidence that your next move will be your best move yet.

Clients Share Their Experience

These executives and professionals are mastering the Science of Choice.

There’s a seed of something you think you want to do and there’s a barrier to getting there. This program allowed me to shorten the distance between intention and action.

- Steve Walls

Strategist, Moon Rabbit

I didn’t expect to use these tools within my friendships, my family relationships, and with my husband as well. This program has impacted every aspect of my life.

- Poppy Reid

Managing Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine

I can go out today with the confidence of a 4 year old in a batman t-shirt.

- Kerrie Flood

Principal, Gilroy Barnes

This Is Your Future

Resolving dilemmas, making smarter choices sooner and achieving your goals faster.

Re-energised and Inspired

You’re excited by life, you know how to get past any dilemma. You feel the momentum and you’re enjoying the progression.

Enjoying the moments

No regrets about the past,no doubts about the future. You’re in charge and leading yourself (and others) in the areas of life that are important

A fresh sense of purpose

You’re 100% clear about what’s important, what you want from life and how you’re going to achieve it. You’re in flow, congruent and calm.

Free to be you.

Unhooked and free from the opinions and judgements of others, you have 100% clarity and peace in every choice you make.

Courage & fearlessness

You’ve taken ownership of past choices and you’re equipped to make the right choice every time. Your actions align with your values, purpose and goals. 

You’re unstoppable.

Genuine clarity

Know what you want.

Know where you’re going.

Know how to get there.

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Learn how to shorten the distance between intent and action.

Learn to use your values and purpose to ease the angst and lead you to make better decisions sooner.

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