Welcome to the Change Room.

The podcast that creates space for change.


Trust in the now.


I am changing the conversation and rewriting the rules. Finding calm in the chaos, while breaking down the barriers that inhibit true success. I am taking chances, and giving some too. Staying true to me and staying true to you.  


I am pursuing potential and realising possibilities. Together, unlocking life's greatest opportunities. Committing to experiences over outcomes and curating incredible careers. With full self-expression, congruence and trust in the now – setting the speed for the choice to lead. Instilling sense in the direction and vision for the future. Empowered, ethical, educational.

 I am Suzy Jacobs.



My portfolio career is my story, my intent and my true purpose – past to present and for the future. I am here to educate, inspire full self-expression and promote the rewards of personal responsibility.  


Once I took ownership for my truth, I could clearly see that which I’m good at. Bam! It was a gloriously simple process to then let go of those things in life that were no longer serving me or my true purpose. All the noise, the running around, the procrastination; all the things I really didn't enjoy doing but thought I should. I let them go and not once did I look back in doubt. I have no need to prove anything to anyone. I am free to be me. And you will be free to be you.


The Change Room

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