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About Me

Educator, Speaker, Mentor, Founder

Thirty years in business and more than 50 years of life!

Married, divorced, raising children, building businesses, developing community, giving back, working abroad, caring for ageing parents and navigating new relationships.

While so much has changed, one thing has remained the same; my desire to understand how humans operate.

Even as a youngster people intrigued me. Particularly adults.

I’d hear them say one thing and do another.

I’d watch them hide their pain and hurt.

They’d smile while suffering on the inside.

Chase professional success at the expense of personal happiness.

They’d accept stress, anxiety and depression as a fact of life.

They valued IQ and dismissed EQ

I don’t believe I met any genuinely peaceful, content, joyous humans.

Including myself.

So began my search, which became my purpose and passion.

Twenty years on I am an educator, trainer and speaker.

Combining the disciplines of philosophy, neuroscience and emotional literacy into a methodology you can use to explore life.

Change is uncomfortable, but when you’re equipped to make change that is right for you, it is empowering.

This is the Science of Choice.

I would love to connect with you and listen to what’s happening in your world.

You can contact me personally via email, phone, social channels, whatever works for you.

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