Private Tuition

The space between your inner self and your outer persona lies an untapped source of creativity, innovation and productivity.

When you work with me you learn to shorten the distance between those two points.

  • You will know how to find greater freedom with every choice you make.
  • You will be equipped to elevate your experience of life.
  • You will feel whole-hearted, aligned and congruent.
  • You will trust your choices and have confidence in every move you make.

We can talk business, relationships, kids, health, wealth and everything in between.
Yes, I’ll tell you anything you want to know about my own life. 30 years in business and over 50 years of life experience. I’ve been married, divorced, raised two children, travelled extensively, walked vast distances across Australia and now live in Bondi with my partner, Hans.

As we look at life through the lens of choice, you will learn to think differently about life, love, kids, career and everything in between.

You will learn to trust yourself on all levels and in every way.

Sharing the Power of Choice is my lifes’ work, it is what lights me up and gets me going every single day.

I hope to share it with you.

This is How We Work

A mix of 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute mentoring sessions. each used to clear obstacles, overcome barriers and move you towards your goal.

Identify Your Dilemma

Get Clear on the Options

Discuss Options

Explore the Impact

Stress-test Your Choices

So You’re Equipped To Have 100% Confidence In This Choice And Every Choice You Make

As the fog begins to clear, I can now see a very exciting future ahead.

Caroline Ferguson
Luxury Bound

Words are not enough to express the amazing coach, mentor, transformational expert that is …..SUZY JACOBS! I have worked with Suzy for the last 18 months and my personal health and well-being, my sense of who I am, and my business have all skyrocketed!

Pamela Cominos
Principal Cominos Family Lawyers

Love this woman’s philosophy! So thank you for your insights and I 100% agree with your business acumen and I will strive to take on these philosophies in my own business endeavors.

Casey Featon

Suzy is my go-to person when I need some clarity of mind, if not a bit of a jolt in my thinking. Spending time with Suzy helped me become unstuck in a number of ways, both professionally and personally. I see now that some of the decisive action I’ve taken in recent times is due to the foundations she helped me out in place around goals and decision-making.

Trevor Young
Principal, Cominos Family Lawyers

Suzy had me completely prepared for my keynote speech and continue to improve my performance on panels and industry discussions. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Jacqui Louis Schoorl

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