Finding confidence to be who you choose to be

Courage and confidence

Why it’s good to be wrong

Choosing to be wrong is a mind-expanding exercise. It’s a conscious practice in taming your ego and allowing time for your true self to shine. Search for the phrase “Why…

How to Stop Imposter Syndrome

There is a theory, proposed by two American psychologists in the 1970s, known as “Imposter Syndrome.” It may be something you’ve heard of before. ?? It’s the idea that there’s…

Why success is essentially boring

I want you to imagine identical twins in their mid-40s. After years of inactivity, they’re a bit stiff, their joints achier and less mobile than usual. They decide to take…

Achieve Greatness

I’m my own boss. It’s great. I love what I do. I love investing in my team. I love strategy. I love the entire process of business ownership. I am…

The litmus test for self-love

What is Morning Pages? It’s not a journal, nor a diary. It’s a twenty minute early morning scribble. Releasing your brain chatter. Bypassing your conscious brain to explore what’s happening…