The litmus test for self-love

What is Morning Pages? It’s not a journal, nor a diary. It’s a twenty minute early morning scribble. Releasing your brain chatter. Bypassing your conscious brain to explore what’s happening behind the scenes.

In other words, letting go ….

Morning Pages is usually a private process, but for some reason, I am compelled to share an excerpt from mine (grammar corrected).

My Morning Pages 20/5/21

Hello gorgeous, funny, smart, thoughtful “doing it my way” human.  Good morning you impressive, wise caring, loving, “pain in the arse” quirky human.

Oh wow! Remember the days you couldn’t say anything nice about yourself! 

Remember loving yourself so little you couldn’t even acknowledge you were smart.

People believed in me, would say nice things about me, but that only fuelled my frustration. Why didn’t I believe them?

As for my younger self – I kept her at arm’s length, punished her for not doing better. I have felt the pain and grief that comes with being mean to my younger self. Now I embrace her, hold her tight, and love her just a little bit more each day.

This is a testament to the process of self-discovery, growth, and expansion. An acknowledgment of the process that has led to my conscious creation, my bespoke version of human-ness. Based on what matters most to me. Built on my carefully chosen values. Created by me, for me.

This is a day of acknowledgment. To me and my wholeness. To self-love.

The litmus test for self-love:

A willingness to acknowledge yourself out loud without attachment, embarrassment, or a need to convince anyone of its truth.

The next generation:

When will humans learn to teach the important stuff? Write an education syllabus that includes: 

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions
  • Values
  • Purpose
  • Intention

Educate the next generation on how they operate, how to trust their world view so if life isn’t working out they can reconstruct it for themselves. SELF EMPOWERMENT.

I was no helicopter parent but every day we loved, fed, and talked to our children and taught them one thing over and over again.  Trust yourself, love yourself. 

~ end of Morning Pages ~

Most Frequently Asked Question: What will I get from doing your program?

My Answer: There is no ‘one’ thing. It’s anything that’s important to you. Just look at this list from a client …. (note the red cones and roller skates)

1. I have taken control of my health

2. I am having more fun

3. I am a better communicator

4. I understand my relationships better

5. I am getting to know who I am, and like who that is

6. I have all the feelings now, not just irritation

7. I am a better mother, wife and daughter

8. I am successfully setting and maintaining my boundaries

9. I am teaching people how I want to be treated

10. I have been for a swim in my pool

11. I jumped over a red cone on my roller skates

12. My workload does not rule my life

13. I have taken up new hobbies

14. I have resumed my life

15. I am recognising when I (and others) are making shit up

Maybe there is one thing. Maybe it all comes down to love. A deep, peaceful, all-encompassing self-love. And from there, everything is possible.

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