How Do You Know It’s Time To Let Go?


(excerpt from my letter to our community)

November 14, 2016, will be etched in my memory forever as it is the day I sat across from three She Business mentors and announced my intention to step down. After five years at the helm, I knew it was time for me to chase new adventures and allow someone else the privilege of leadership.

My motivation has been sourced from members, who continually inspired me to grow, innovate, evolve and deliver a membership that would make the difference. It has been their business success and financial independence that has most influenced my leadership decisions and so it is now.

I have always been humbled by the fierce loyalty and commitment of our community so I felt certain that in stepping down, the right person would step up. I know many of our members felt the force of imminent change and I thank them for their patience and loyalty whilst waiting for an official announcement.

The sale of a business is the exit most of us dream of but the process of transition is not without its complications.

Today, however, it is with great joy that I can announce Monica Brewer as the new CEO of She Business. I will take a seat on the Board and continue to play a key role as ambassador for She Business.

Before I sign off I’d like to acknowledge the support of my team, both past, and present. I thank them all but with a special mention and deep bow of gratitude to Danita Needleman, Monica Brewer, Lorna Patten, Rachel Bourke, Carmela Graham and Maria Dolores Garner. I love you guys xx

With a deep bow of gratitude, I sign off for the last time as CEO of She Business.

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