Episode 18: Right | Wrong

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Last episode we did the big reveal for “I’m okay, loveable, valuable because I am” and today Lorna Patten and I have the perfect follow-up with the distinction of Right and Wrong.

When we accept “I’m okay, loveable, valuable because I am”, there’s nothing to prove and we have the freedom to choose. But with all that choice we encounter a different problem as we try to work out which is the right or wrong choice.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why we’re so attached to being right
  • The Right Wrong paradigm in business.
  • Example of a Right Wrong paradigm.
  • Reasons why we are averse to being wrong.
  • How being responsive rather than reactive helps us go through the process and be responsible for what we choose to do next.
  • How Right Wrong  is always context dependent.
  • The problem with asking “What’s wrong?”
  • Feeling wrong is a feeling, not a fact.

#Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:

  • Play - Imagine everything you think is right is wrong and everything you think is wrong is right.
  • Right and wrong is always context dependent
  • Make a choice without having a reason.
  • Be right or be at peace. Choose.

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