What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Well, in business, it starts with who you’re being.  And since who you’re being influences what you do, which creates the results you get, it’s worthy of closer attention.

And who you’re being is simply a choice.

As a leader it’s common to wake up feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  Maybe you didn’t quite make your numbers last quarter, staff turn-over is affecting productivity, red-tape is making it harder to get stuff done or you’re just tired and in need of a break.

That feeling of being ‘at the affect’ of stuff is a primal, fear-based response to feeling ‘out of control’ and it’s not pleasant.  So we arrive at the office feeling agitated and anxious and give the staff a pep talk. We ride our sales staff harder and mumble about the nanny state making business difficult.

Now imagine as you’re reading this, with all the same stuff going on – numbers are down, staff de-motivated, regulation overload – you remind yourself that you get to choose who you’re being.

And so you CHOOSE to BE productive, purposeful and peaceful, so your perspective shifts and you develop a different process for solving the same problems.


  • You get curious – spend time with your team, experience the business from where they sit, have an honest conversation and build trust.
  • You choose to be open and collaborative – you get sales staff away from the office, dig into the issues and find out if the source is product, process or proficiency related?
  • You lead the way – and use compliance measures to build understanding, connection and collaboration between different sectors of the business.

Being responsible for how you show up, and conscious in the way you respond, comes from a Context of Love. It’s a way of thinking and being that might sound odd at first and will take practice to truly understand.

One client I’m currently working through this process with is a very successful business owner. Top priority is developing better communication and co-operation within, and between her teams. We dusted off the culture document and started developing it into a meaningful, workable guide to improve staff experience. A few weeks in, and already she’s tracked improvements in productivity and efficiency.

The guide is a work in progress, but she was happy for me to share it with you.

  • Purpose – her team experience being valued. They are connected to the purpose of the organisation, clear on the value they add and the part they play in the bigger picture.
  • Productive – the team experience a sense of fulfilment. They walk away at the end of the day knowing they have added to the experience of clients, team members and shareholders.
  • Process – together they all create an organised and structured environment that supports productivity.
  • Playful – structure gives confidence which allows a sense of playfulness.
  • Peaceful – sigh…

It only takes one person, in any organisation to be the circuit breaker.  You don’t need permission, you just need to know there are better ways of doing business.

To develop who your BEING and access all the distinctions head over to The Change Room, a podcast that creates the space for change. It’s free and it’s our way of getting this work to the world, so everyone has the chance to transform experience and revolutionise results.

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