What Matters Most To You?

I’m writing this from outback NSW, a place called Louth, 125km south west of Bourke.

My 2020 vision board back in Sydney features pictures of Greece, India and Western Australia. No offence to Liz at Trilby Station, but Louth didn’t make the shortlist.

The vision board – a collaborative effort with my partner – is testament to our commitment to each other, and an expression of who we are and how we want to spend our time. It’s an inspiring and sumptuous visual representation of a BIG life; Plan A – a dream come true… if we can pull it off.

Data from our Activator Academy EQ Assessment suggests a high percentage of you want a BIG life and feel confident in your goal setting skills, but feel a little frustrated that life isn’t going to plan.

We all need dreams, but without values and purpose DESIGNED BY YOU to underpin those dreams, there’s nothing to guide you when times get tough.

And for many, times just got tough!

It’s normal to get bogged down in the pain of failed plans. And it’s 100% necessary to grieve, but this is also a time to delve behind the plan and ask “what matters most?”.

Discovering your ‘what matters most’ (WMM) is an inner journey, and only you can find the answer. Your WMM does not need to inspire or change lives; it doesn’t need to do anything remarkable other than be a true reflection of what matters most to you.

Your WMM is your sanctuary and your personal secret for staying calm, confident and happy when chaos surrounds you.

It’s been a tough year for me, as it may have been for you. Challenging, frustrating, exhausting, overwhelming and stressful. I could list the most significant events but, as you know, it’s the stuff in between, along with the constant strain, that creates long term stress and anxiety.

Never have I been so challenged by people and events. Never have I had to fight for what matters most to me. And never have I felt stronger, calmer and happier.

Tough times test commitment to your values and purpose – but that’s not such a bad thing.

Living to your WMM comes at a cost – all worthwhile ventures do; your choices might clash with the values of people closest to you, and you may feel judged for those choices. And that’s ok.

It’s taken me a long time to live this way, but today I live my life for me.

I love my children, my partner, my family and my friends. I care deeply for all of them and will support their dreams and desires while also educating them (and me) about mine.

As my partner and I set up for WFR (working from road) – tackling the 4WD course, buying the car and all the kit that goes with it – we look at each other and we ask “how did we get here?”

Like Louth, the 4WD doesn’t feature on our Vision board, but we know what lies behind the inspiring images and we know we’re staying true to our values.

Your personal values and purpose might be written on the wall in front of you, inscribed into your business’ blueprint, tattooed on your arm – or envisioned on a picture board, but what will you do to live them today?

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