Well, That Didn’t Work!

Ever read one of those books that knocked your socks off and changed your life? Did you find yourself raving about it only to discover it’s not so easy to explain?

Using our recent break in recording, I took the time to meet with our community and engage in some deeper conversations. I wanted to hear how people were using the distinctions to create different results.

Your stories blew me away. Not surprisingly, most of you found implementation harder than expected. Initial results didn’t meet expectations.  Honest conversations didn’t always sound like the ones you’d heard in The Change Room and for a few, the challenges felt even greater.

You stuck with it and overcame challenges to break new ground in who you were ‘being’.

I loved talking it through to provide this critical reassurance. We all experience those awkward, clumsy ‘let the ground open and swallow me up’ moments. That’s a given and, knowing this, your job is simple.

Keep clear of the drama. Continue practicing and playing … without making any of it ‘mean’ anything. This IS the experience, this how mastery is developed.

In Season 3 of The Change Room Podcast – where it’s all about experience. YOUR experience. To bring your experience to life, listen to the distinction we call Big Commitment, Big Fear Flags. 

“Suzy and Lorna … you complement each other perfectly. I love listening to you and am committed to the journey. I think about how I can apply your knowledge in life and with my corporate team. It’s been enlightening and I thank you for sharing your ‘warts and all’ journey”.

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