The Throwaway Comment That Dilutes Your Power.

The most disempowering statement ever made.

“I know what to do, I just don’t do it.”

  • I know I should get away from my desk regularly

  • I know I should take time off

  • I know I should be quarterly forecasting

  • I know I should drink less

Disempowering and also untrue. It’s the result of an education system that failed to teach the basics about how to construct your view of the world.

And in the void that was left, you’ve done the best you could; stringing together bits of advice, opinion and pseudoscience gathered from self-help books.

‘I should, but I don’t’ is the result of contradictory beliefs; one hidden in your subconscious and experienced so often it feels like the truth, and the other trying to override it.

My younger self believed I wasn’t smart enough and collected evidence over the years to support this belief so it became my reality. My truth.

My older self knows I’m more than smart enough and is eager to write-off those earlier beliefs in favour of a more positive self image. But it’s not that simple.

Beliefs can’t be dismissed or ignored. They need to be identified, understood and processed if they are to be changed.

Our future guardians are no better equipped to do this than we are. The education system continues to ignore teaching a syllabus that would equip them to be truly agile, conscious, responsible lifelong learners.

For as long as there’s no instruction manual, we remain ignorant of other ways to work, and stuck with outdated beliefs.

There are seven elements that create internal contradictions and conflicts. Beliefs are just one of them.  Learn how to iron out the contradictions, and you’ll never be left with “I should”.

Your internal and external language provides clues to your contradictions. Yes, sometimes we need to quiet our busy minds. But sometimes we need to dial up the dialogue so we can discover what’s really going on.

Start here:

  1. Know it. Start making friends with your internal dialogue and listen to the narrative in your head.

  2. Own it. Write those thoughts down and own them.

  3. Choose it. Accept that you’re thinking those things – don’t deny it’s you.

  4. Change it. If you don’t like what you hear, know you can always learn to think differently.

The number one life-enhancing choice you can make, is to learn how you construct your world view. If it’s not working for you, you can choose to construct it differently.

Elevate the way you work, relate and communicate. 

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