The Power Of Brand Comes From Telling Your Truth

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Expressing an authentic voice can feel risky in a world that is so comparative and judgemental. I should know, I’ve spent a small fortune in various ventures trying to get the brand ‘right’ only to find I owned a brand I didn’t connect with, or understand how to serve.

Like many of you, brand strategy was not my core skill set so it made sense to delegate the work to someone for whom it was. But it’s a hard slog remaining connected to your authentic voice, while also handing the work over to an expert. My truth would somehow get lost in the process of following how it ‘should’ be done, ultimately leading me to the over-crowded ground of my competitors.

Over the past year I’ve become a devoted client and keen observer of a certain retail store in Surry Hills (Sydney).  At a time when interactions with the retail sector tend to leave me feeling disheartened, my experiences at this particular store have the opposite effect,  I walk away inspired, engaged and hopeful.

I found this intriguing, whether I ordered a large, higher value item or made a smaller, less costly purchase the experience was always the same. After taking delivery of a particularly gorgeous piece of furniture I was moved to share my thoughts with the owner.

“From the moment I walk in, to the time I take delivery, you have an ability to keep your brand promise”

This was the start of many conversations, from which I’ve discovered he has a truth, which no matter what, he’s committed to following with clear intention.

Ross Longmuir opened the doors to planet back in 1991 with a mission “to highlight beauty in the world”.  He looks for objects that contain the essence of art (interesting ideas), craft (considered making) and design (great functionality).

  • His business manifesto guides his choices.

  • His eye for creating retail space set a new standard in the furniture industry.

  • Each product has a story that supports his ‘truth’.

  • And you won’t find him negotiating on price.

His business is a source of inspiration as I delve into my truth to develop the source ‘document’ for my brand.  You can see how this is playing out at

And my recommendation…

Make a day exploring Surry Hills and visit planet to buy exquisite pieces for your home, unique gifts for your loved ones and make the time to say hello to Ross.


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