The Drama of Business

“I like the drama in my life Suz”

That was the communication from a client and although I was reluctant to accept it, she couldn’t have been clearer. Once I accepted her words for exactly what she meant and dropped any judgement around it, we could both move on.

I stopped trying to change her and she was free to live her life the way she wanted. The truth is, some people like the drama in life and that’s ok.

But if you want to experience less drama, you must disengage from drama inducing people, thoughts and behaviour.

So what do you need to watch for?

  • Doing things, believing you “must” or “should” do them.
  • Avoid having business rules and values.
  • Accepting all clients without assessing their situation, attitude, and personality to qualify them as a good prospective / client.
  • Accepting and excusing violations of your personal boundaries or values.
  • Distracting yourself with overwork and additional projects that don’t support you.
  • Sleeping too little, poor eating habits, skipping exercise, straining relationships.
  • Not asking for support – usually due to pride, shame, guilt, or exhaustion.Hear Our Latest Podcast Episodes

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