Stop The World I Want To Get Off … Or Do I?

I’ve done the hard yards, enjoyed a great career and it’s been hugely rewarding.

As I get older, I have fewer obligations: no more Saturday sports and a breather from the major expenses that come with a young family – education, mortgage, 4-door wagons.

Maybe its time to branch out, I’m less worried about money, I can explore different industries. Perhaps a social enterprise? Or maybe I want the freedom of having my own business?

I have options, which is kinda cool but I can’t decide on the best one. I’m going around in circles and I”m still no closer to an answer, which is unsettling because I’m usually so decisive.

  • I worked hard to get where I am, maybe it’s foolish to let go now?

  • Are my skills transferable?

  • What if I hate it and can’t go back?

  • Or if I’m no good and ruin my reputation?

  • Do I really want to ‘start again’?

So many damn questions inside my head! I can’t even get agreement from people I usually ask.

Which option do I follow?

Who do I ask?

Where do I start?

How do I make sense of this?

Argghh …this is all too hard, maybe I’ll just stay where I am and come back to it when I have more time, besides which, I’m on holiday soon. [voice in head] can’t believe I can’t work this out!!

CONFUSED! Is this you?

I hear you! If my clients are anything to go by, you’re definitely not alone!

Assuming you should know the answer is confronting for people who know themselves as smart, focused and decisive. And seeking the advice of others and doing more research is only compounding your uncertainty.

And here’s why:

Much of your life has been in service of others and now you’re free to pursue something entirely for yourself, you’re not quite sure what that is!!! Excited or confronted?

Discovering what you want is not something you’ve explored before so no wonder you’re confused.

To gain clarity you need to explore choice and familiarise yourself with the component parts so you can process each aspect of choice, separately!

The four components of clarity:

The choice,

Your feeling about the choice,

Judgement of your choice as right/wrong, good/bad,

2-3 alternate choices.

Learn to distinguish the 4 parts and process them independently and you have a reliable access point to clarity and certainty in every choice you make.

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