Soar Or Stumble? You Get To Choose

You have an opportunity to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime migration. Will you soar or stumble?

Working remotely is not as simple as a change of scenery; it’s a change in life.

From the moment we started school, we’ve worked within a structure. So what will we do without it?

  • How will you develop your own structure and hold yourself accountable?

  • What happens when the lines between work and home are so blurred you feel like you never get a break?

  • What’s your personal culture for bringing out the best in you and those around you?

  • How do you create joy in productivity?

  • How do you access new levels of creativity?

Yes, an employer will continue to have a duty of care to employees, but expecting them to ensure you soar is the first lesson for those taking part in the great migration.

This is not about ‘them’.

Last month, I delivered a keynote speech for an industry association.

One Senior Executive shared with me how tired he is; working 15 hours a day and faced with a never-ending workload. “I’m exhausted, but I have to keep working,” he said.

He is not alone.

I took him through the Activator Academy Seven Elements of Choice Framework that I deliver in our Advantage course. One element says, “for every choice, there is language for you to choose”.

It’s a simple, yet very effective practice for increasing energy, joy and productivity.

Seven Elements of Choice Framework

The truth is none of us ‘have to’ do anything, but that’s not what we believe or how we feel. Our choice of language creates our experience of life. So when we say “I have to”; what we create is an ongoing experience of being at the mercy of people and events out of our control. Do anything for long enough and it becomes a habit.

In replacing his habitual ‘have to’ language with the truth, which is ‘I choose to’, we played with ideas that would not only improve his quality of service, but also his quality of life.

I choose to:

  • care for my health and family while delivering quality professional service

  • set clear boundaries and educate my team, family and clients to do the same

  • set realistic expectations and communicate them clearly

Our brain doesn’t discern the difference between fantasy and reality. You cannot experience something without thinking it first. If you continue to think you ‘have to’, it’s exactly what you will experience.

Stop filling your brain with ideas that undermine your motivation, sense of self and wellbeing.

“Hold yourself accountable for every moment, every thought, every detail,” says Isaac Lidsky (author of Eyes Wide Open) in his TedTalk.

“See beyond your fears,” he continues.

Make way for you. Make way for change. Make way to soar in the great migration.

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