How do you know when you’re operating from a Context of Fear?

Think back to the last time you skipped through the day ….

  • When everything you touched turned to greatness
  • You felt connected to the vision of your organisation
  • Golden nuggets of wisdom dripped with every word you spoke
  • You were productive, efficient and totally in the moment

That’s not it.

How about the last time you felt uptight, ignored, unappreciated. Or wound-up, angry and unheard?

You’re getting closer.  

The truth is, most of us walk around completely unaware that a Context of Fear even exists, let alone recognise when we’re operating from it.

Mostly we confuse it with a feeling of being scared but that’s not it that either.

To move forward, we need first to define it, only then can we make different choices when we encounter it.

So, this is a call to slow down and allow curiosity to lead the way to deeper thinking. It’s the chance to move past the call to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ or do as Bob Newhart would suggest ….. JUST STOP DOING IT.

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