I want to hear your truth

Beyond concept and into experience; choosing to create relationships, business and career your way.

Choosing an expansive life comes with challenges. As tempting as it is to seek external advice on how to do it “best”, there is no greater reward than finding your own way.

Personally, I’m taking time to think carefully about all I’ve encountered in 2020. I want to explore my learnings and take ownership of my mistakes. I’m searching for my priorities and joys.

There’s a clear objective for this reflection: I am re-working my Vivid Vision for January 2024 and beyond.

All this future-thinking triggers the fantasy/fear response, so I’m not surprised when tired old beliefs, feelings, and fears about ‘getting it right’ invade my head. But I know how to calm that reptilian brain and liberate my constructive, creative thinking.

I call on my values, purpose and intention; consciously chosen, tested over time and committed to memory. These core principles have become the foundation of my life philosophy.

I create quiet time. If I’m to extract my truth, I need to listen to what I want from me and what I want for me – not to what other people are saying.

It’s not always easy to separate the two. How often do you hear “I don’t care what anyone else thinks”? And then watch as choices are made based on the opinions, judgements and advice of others.

I consciously create my external environment to support my mission. Reducing distractions and hitting the half-speed button to slow things down. In doing so, I discovered some truths.

Truth #1

Reaching more people. I choose to limit my exposure to social media and spend more time in the creative process – and with Activator Academy clients.

Why? Capturing life erodes my enjoyment of living it. And since I am responsible for my emotional and mental wellbeing, I choose to prioritise me and my brain over one of many marketing methods available to me.

A simple ritual for maximising creativity and happiness – take charge of your brain:

Unload it: dump the contents of your brain on a regular basis

Still it: meditate, exercise, dig your toes in the sand, whatever works for you

Fill it: with content that supports your greatest dreams and desires

Truth #2

Proof of concept. Activator Academy programs work! We’re hearing it from our activators: real, heart-felt stories that reflect a changing experience of life.

  • 53 people through the program

  • 80% went on to complete Graduate and Rainmaker programs

  • 30% have asked us for a program for teens and young adults

  • Every one of our free-thinkers and high-achievers uttered the words “life-changing”

I choose to trust the program and the process.

Truth #3

Business building in 2021:

  • I get to choose. So this is what I choose:

    • to make way, my way, and build my business doing what I love

    • to grow our reach through the words of our clients

    • to evolve partnerships with leaders who share values of growth, education, connection and adventure

    • to find free-thinkers who are equally passionate about equipping every high school student with the syllabus we teach at Activator Academy

When you take charge of your own process, discover your truth and do the work to find your own answers, you aren’t guaranteed success.

But you are guaranteed this:

To experience living as a person who has the best possible chance of realising your vision.

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