Goal setter or goal achiever?

A year on from Australia’s pandemic restrictions we’re rolling out the panacea (thankfully), and in doing so pulling on the levers of change yet again.

Overstretched and over-stressed humans face more life-changing dilemmas.:

  • Agree to return ‘in house’ when it feels unsafe

  • Give more hours but not get paid for them

  • Allow the bullying to continue or speak up

  • Ask for help or stay silent

  • Trust your kids/team/partner to know what’s best or try to control them

  • Be right or be happy

When your external world feels chaotic, turn inward for your answer.

Our three-part article series demonstrates how to use your power of choice to remove obstacles, resolve conflicts and make better decisions sooner.

  1. Explore your truth: how your existing choices and beliefs cause the greatest dilemma.

  2. Understand obstacles: identify and process each independently to gain clarity.

  3. Lead your life your way: reading the signs so you know when you’re on the wrong track and how to get yourself back on track

Part 1: Only you can know your truth

Consume or critique?

You are a consumer.  You consume technology, entertainment, food, wine, and information. You were taught to consume at school and you’ve done it ever since.

Too busy to think? 

“I don’t have time” is uttered so often it feels like the truth.

But it’s not.

You get to choose

The truth is, being busy is a useful distraction, a worthy excuse, a plausible reason for not critiquing your own life. I get it, the process can be uncomfortable – okay a little more than uncomfortable but…

“An unexplored life is not worth living,” Socrates said

If you don’t start today, it will be the same tomorrow, and the next. And I’m okay with that if you are. Challenging the way you think and feel is the ultimate act of vulnerability.

Last year, 60 kick-ass humans from all points of the planet completed our program. They chose to clear just enough space (2 hours a week) to challenge the way they think.

They pressed pause on their opinions and judgments for long enough to get curious; to observe the conflict, paradoxes and contradictions within; to decide whether the life they’d been working towards was aligned with what they really want.

Courageous leaders relinquish control

This is not psychology or self-help. We’re teaching philosophy, science, and emotional literacy; our 60 activators appreciated the approach. Bigger, with broader implications across their personal and professional life, they settled in and opened up. Each took comfort in knowing there is nothing wrong and nothing to fix. They owned their stuff:

  • I like to be right

  • I’m not kind to myself

  • I get triggered by weakness in others

  • I never feel like I have enough

  • I talk over people

  • I don’t like who I am

  • I’m a control freak

  • I want to be liked

Judgment cannot survive when curiosity is alive

  • Skip and you can’t help but smile

  • Get curious and your mind automatically opens

Curiosity trumps judgment. It flicks the switch in your brain so you’re free to  observe life with less attachment, less blame – you will actually see life through a new lens

Own your choices and you’ll find your answers

Choice is a microcosm of your life; a miniature you. The moment you place this seemingly insignificant word before all else, you take ownership of the situation.

“I choose”

Here’s the truth – YOU choose to…

  • be right

  • be unkind to yourself

  • triggered by other peoples weakness

  • never feel like you have enough

  • talk over people

  • don’t like who you are

  • need to control everything

And you can choose not to. You simply need to learn how.

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