Experience – The Mother Of Understanding

My client is divine!

When she opened her business 5 years ago, she envisaged a simple, lean structure that would provide her a ‘balanced’ lifestyle.

What developed is a complex but highly profitable business that demands more of her than she ever imagined. Why did she call on me?

In over-achieving her goals, she lost sight of her purpose and felt trapped in a style of leadership that she found stifling.

During one of our discussions last week, I asked “With everything you’ve achieved and knowing what you know now, would you do it all again?.

She came back with an unequivocal yes, followed by deeper discussion of the common experience for business owners.

  • “Had no idea what I was getting into”
  • “No-one prepared me for this”
  • “I could have read every ‘how to’ book and still be unprepared’

It was a classic example of “Experience precedes Understanding”

The deep-dive distinction of this week’s podcast episode in
The Change Room – Experience Understanding

When we have the chance to understand something new – nail a promotion, move careers, start a business, or become a thought leader on the world’s stage – our reflex thought “But, I’ve never done it before” can stop us in our tracks rather than excite us to gain the experience.

If your baby self, on the cusp of walking, had thought “Hang on, I can’t walk! I’ve never done that before” you’d still be sitting on your butt.

Waiting till you ‘know it all’ before making your big leap keeps you from attaining the essential ingredient that creates understanding … experience!

So just like you did as a baby, how about you get off your butt this week and try it on.


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