Dilemma Or Choice? You Decide

You make 35,000+ choices every day and your process for making those choices is either holding you back or keeping you on track.

Choices take time. Every dilemma, challenge and opportunity only exists for the amount of time it takes for you to make a choice. Refine your process and you liberate time.

Choices take energy. Your internal operating system uses precious resources to sift, sort and process all the data required to make a choice. Resources that could be invested in better ways.

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90% of choices are made without your conscious input. Of the remaining 10%, a few require special attention because they define WHO you are and HOW you choose to live.

Your VIP (Value Intention and Purpose) equates to the meaning you give your life.

It is the essence of who you are and your source of infinite energy, inspiration and joy.

It is the ultimate freedom – the choice to create who YOU choose to be.

A worthy and wonderful choice to make, wouldn’t you agree?

The difference between a dilemma and a choice?

My great friend and adventure buddy Ali rang me a couple of weeks back. Couldn’t contain her excitement as she dished up details of yet another adventure. An 18 day self-guided, unsupported exploration of the outback. No wifi, no conveniences, no contact with the outside world.

A prolonged silence preceded her question:  “Are you in?”

Holy sh** … Am I in? Of course I am. Oh but wait …

  • I have a lot going on …

  • I’m in second year of my latest venture

  • I’ve just begun a 12 month business course

  • There are my children and life partner who I love and love spending time with.

  • And my friends and family

  • And I already have two holidays booked this year

  • And how will I do the training required for an 18 day trek.

I don’t waste time, energy or brain power procrastinating, seeking opinion or agreement.

My answers are contained within my consciously chosen VIP (Values Intention and Purpose) which means I have the tools to make my own right choice, every time.

Seek out your VIPs – I can’t recommend this highly enough – and only commit to them when you’re 100% sure this is the meaning YOU choose for your life.

If you’re facing a complex or awkward situation and struggling to find the right answer here’s how to identify the glitches, misalignments or contractions between your values and you.

Grab notepaper and pen, find a quiet space and write down your first answer to the following:

  • Describe – the essence of your dilemma – write it as one sentence

  • Draft – your top 3 values as you currently believe them to be

  • Apply – 1-3 answers to your dilemma that align with your values

  • Listen – to your inner voice

  • Identify – any reasons, excuses or justifications that for not acting in accordance with your Values.

  • Accept – what shows up for you.

Conflicts and contradictions are normal so don’t make yourself wrong. Instead see it as an opportunity to tool-up towards greater alignment and empowerment.

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