Contrary To Popular Belief…

There is no limit to our success.

A young woman loses her sight before 30, and with it her dreams of being an astronomer. Or so it seems.

Undeterred, and over time, she makes a breakthrough and finds a way to translate scientific data and graphs into sound. Her beliefs supported her plans, and her commitment delivered her the goal, which ultimately positioned her as a world-leading astronomer.

She says there’s no limit to our success.

But for many of us, our beliefs are less productive and play havoc with our plans. They are the beliefs we chose long ago, the unconscious, ‘making sense of the world’ thoughts that belong to our younger self. The unhelpful ones sound like this:

I’m not educated enough to do …

I’m not smart enough to …

I’ll never be as good as ….

And even though our wise, adult self recognises these beliefs as illegitimate and outdated, we repeat them. Consciously and unconsciously, to ourselves and others, and in doing so we continue to make them real.

Here’s the thing, beliefs can be changed. In fact, you can create new ones in an instant, but it takes commitment and consistency before they’ll outperform the old ones.

Listen here as we bring this to life in our latest podcast episode
in The Change Room – Changing Beliefs.  

But if you choose to be curious and playful try this at your next meeting…

Look around and consider everyone (including YOU) is being influenced by unconscious, long-held beliefs.

  • The top dog is overcoming ‘I don’t have what it takes’
  • The quiet achiever defers to others because ‘I’m just not smart enough’
  • The rebel who talks over others is defending “No one listens to me”
  • The misunderstood intellectual always thinks “No one listens to me”
  • And you … what old beliefs are you trying to cover-up?

The circuit breaker is in the acknowledgement that you created your beliefs and you’ve held them so close and so long, you think they’re true. So you keep agreeing with them. And you’re free to do so. And you’re also free to choose new ones.

YOU get to create the whole of your Own Reality, so why not choose loving, supportive, liberating, fun, transformational beliefs and see what happens. Go on, try it on.


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