Are You Playing The Starring Role?

Would you like the starring role in your own TV drama?

I did … and sometimes still do.

So here’s what I do …. I simply sit back and picture my internal chatter all dressed up and on loud speaker.

In this world I take centre stage, write my own script, and play the role of victim, persecutor and rescuer.

My dialogue is rich with drama and excess. Heavy with complaint and criticism and I don’t actually have to do anything or produce an outcome. It’s all talk.

I do it well.

I’ve had a lot going on lately and so it’s no surprise I’m feeling a little unsettled, unsure and indecisive.

I make light of it here but my stories and drama only serve to keep me stuck.

This moment in time has been created for a purpose but until I choose to give up being the star in my own drama I won’t find out what it is.

Faced with a big or even small decision we often find ourselves getting uncomfortable, but it’s part of the process and serves an important purpose.

In this week’s episode of The Change Room podcast, we share the two powerful scenarios of indecision and what their purpose truly is…


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