7 Signs Your Life Is Off-track

How do you know you’re living your best life?

Is there a measure? Like a countries GDP, you focus on output – the size of your house, dollars in the bank, the success of your children, your professional standing, or the type of holidays you enjoy.

Or an index? Like the global Happiness Index, where you’re tracking your quality of health and wellbeing.

Perhaps you’ve created a checklist, or developed your own guidelines.

If we don’t know what our best life looks like, how do we know when we’re living it?

Your inner life can provide a compelling and accurate measure.

Below you’ll find seven ways your inner world is letting you know you’re off track.

Answer NO and you’ve hit the jackpot.
Answer YES and you’ve also hit the jackpot 🙂 because you’ve just spotted what’s in the way of living your best life. And when you know it, you can ….

The List

  1. You’re harsh on yourself: you rarely acknowledge all the great stuff you do and have this nagging drive to prove you’re good enough.

  2. You’re without a hobby or interest outside your business or career – you have no time to soothe your soul and bring lightness and joy to life.

  3. You battle yourself  – you put other people first but then feel resentful you don’t have time and then feel guilty about feeling resentful.

  4. You smile, but only when there’s something worth smiling about.

  5. You wake in the night with worries, concerns and questions. Is this all there is? Will I ‘make it’? Will this make me happy?

  6. Your life is full of outcome-driven – not experience-driven – goals and dreams. When you ‘succeed’, then you’ll be happy, calm and carefree and then you’ll be the person you’ve always dreamed you could be.

  7. You don’t invest in yourself. This is different to buying stuff. This is about acknowledging that you are worth investing in.  But you’re too busy for that.

If you answered YES to any of the above … follow the next 4 steps:

KNOW IT: The power of ONE

An untrained brain can inflict overwhelm on itself. Choose ONE of the seven signs and work it through before moving onto the next one.

OWN IT: The strength of SLOW

Slow down and listen to your internal narrative.

  • Observe – Resist the temptation to fix it.

  • Listen – hone in on your brain chatter. Get to know who you are and what you think.

  • Record – get it out and on paper. These are your thoughts to own.

CHOOSE IT: There’s power in telling the truth

Just because you’ve identified the obstacle it doesn’t mean you need to do anything about it. Choosing what you have, can be just as empowering as choosing to make change.

Continue to observe, listen and record your feelings and thoughts this week. Nothing to fix or change, simply accept what you find.

CHANGE IT: Only then are you equipped to take the next steps … to CHOOSE IT or CHANGE IT: 

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