5 Ways To ‘Choose’ Transformation

Do you read books for inspiration? Have you noticed how they deliver little morsels of hope, packaged in easily digestible pieces, that you can savour from the comfort of the sofa?

It’s for exactly that reason I don’t read them!

On the rare occasion I do, I experience something similar to a sugar rush, a surge of happy hormones that make me feel like I’m superwoman while tucked snuggly in the safety of my home!

And that’s the issue.  It’s not real.

Our own transformation can only occur when WE do the work.

I was reminded of this when I caught up with Jeff Bullas the other day because he does the work.

After being inspired, he takes the ideas that resonate and implements them.  He’s a doer, he consciously chooses action rather than overdosing on inspiration.

His focus is in the present, his attention is on the process and his actions are congruent with his plan …. and that makes him a changer.

So when it comes to transforming your career, business and wealth create the space for change first and take on these five steps as a practice.

1.     Change your language, replace “I want” with “I choose”.

2.     “To choose” is an action so start by writing a list of everything involved with your choice.

3.     Review your list honestly – are you up for the challenge?

4.     Get curious about what it will take –the skills, team, resources, time.

5.     Tell yourself the truth – do you truly choose all of it, the whole of it, even the messy, hard stuff?

And remember…
‘We overestimate what can be done in a week and underestimate what can be done in a year’

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