The Complete Syllabus

The Science of Choice

Guarantee you’ll never buy another self-help book again!

The Science of Choice syllabus is a complete education, process and practice for autonomous and lifelong self-discovery, exploration and expansion. It includes the three individual programs – Advantage, Graduate and Rainmaker – and guarantees your eligibility for Rainmaker Alumni Membership.

This potent combination of philosophy, neuroscience and emotional literacy will equip you to resolve the most complex of dilemmas to find clarity and confidence in every choice you make.

Over the course of three programs you will Master the Seven Elements of Choice Framework and learn how to apply it:

  • To frustration, anger, indecision, remorse and guilt 
  • To any situation in which you’re not being heard or understood
  • A relationship that is going off the rails
  • Teams struggling to connect and collaborate
  • Rebellious children
  • To find your purpose
  • And any other situation you can imagine

The Science of Choice syllabus is your guarantee for life, knowing you’re equipped to find peace, freedom and confidence by applying the mechanism of choice.

We back every program with a 100% money back guarantee. 

85% of clients who purchase our Activator Advantage program go on to complete all three courses. Save your time and money and purchase the complete program today.

Make The Next Choice, Your Best Choice

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Bundled Program

  • Duration: Each program contains 5 modules, each module being 75 minutes of engaging, interactive training.


    • Module 1 - The three layers of Choice
    • Module 2 - The Be Do Have model
    • Module 3 - The Four Layers of Filters
    • Module 4 - The Power of Drama
    • Module 5 - The Freedom Framework


    • Module 1 - Context for Living
    • Module 2 - I am and I do
    • Module 3 - Feelings and Facts
    • Module 4 - Changing your Beliefs
    • Module 5 - Practicing your process


    • Module 1 - Sharing your truth
    • Module 2 - Communication - Responsible v Response-able
    • Module 3 - Power of Acknowledgement
    • Module 4 - Being ok with what others choose
    • Module 5 - Making peace with the world

    Each program comes with pre and post field work including:

    • Activity sheets
    • Podcasts
    • Course materials
    • Private online community and group chat
    • Recording of sessions made available to participants ONLY.
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