Find Your Freedom

The Science of Choice

A potent combination of philosophy, neuroscience and emotional literacy equips you to identify and eliminate residual, and potentially toxic, by-products of the choice-making process. Left unchecked, these by-products accumulate over time and chip away at your trust and confidence to make future right choices.

Use the mechanism of choice to:

  • Resolve dilemmas
  • Get yourself unstuck
  • Help someone else get unstuck
  • Get clear on what’s important to you
  • Find your truth
  • Find your voice
  • Communicate authentically
  • Stress-test your values
  • Discover your purpose

Use the mechanism of choice to find your freedom and I guarantee your next move will be your best move yet.

The Science of Choice syllabus consists of three separate programs which can be purchased separately or as a complete syllabus .

Experiential Learning

The learning is carefully facilitated to ensure each person achieves their outcome – it’s experiential, interactive and a lot of fun. 

The syllabus rhythm:

  • Education
  • Practice
  • Guidance
  • Accountability

Over 85% of clients who complete the first program apply for a place in the second and third program. 

You can purchase each program individually.

Or purchase the complete syllabus and invest in a lifetime of autonomous self-discovery, exploration and expansion.

Make The Next Choice, Your Best Choice

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Advantage Program

The Science of Choice – you will find your freedom by mastering your choices.

You’re about to discover the paradox of choice.
And learn to use the mechanism of choice unlock the conflicts and contradictions contained within your choices.
You will explore the unknown and experiment with what you find.
You’ll be curious, excited and energised.
Open to seeing differently, your experience of life shifts.

The advantage program will re-ignite your energy, excitement and awe for life and provide the fundamentals of the Science of Choice.

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