Interrupt stress at the source

How you can remain calm and confident on the inside 

Even when it’s chaotic on the outside.

This is the secret to remaining calm and
confident on the inside.

Let me guide you in discovering a new way of responding to ongoing stress so you can think clearly and act decisively.

I’m facilitating this workshop for us to freely discuss the real impact of change and for you to practice a different response to stress that will give you the energy and resilience to grow and triumph in this uncertain world.

Past attendees raved about attending the Free Master Class sessions:

“Exceeded expectations”

Jane Thorpe, Business Development Manager


“You’ve hacked the code in simplifying a way of being … I now have 100% confidence in my true values”

Anna Shepherd, Executive Chair, Regal Health.

Are you ready to live stress free? If so, this is for you.

Hi! I’m Suzy Jacobs.

We’ll be interrupting stress at the source on these dates:

July 13th @ 5pm

July 14th @ 6pm

I want you to be energised and empowered to make your next move your best move yet, but as you’ll often hear me say, the choice is always yours.

I’ll deliver loads of value, you’ll try a new approach to stress and we’ll have some fun along the way. 

You’ll discover that feeling calm and confident is a practice that you can start immediately and continue forever.

50 Minutes to feel Fabulous

Learn to interrupt stress at the source.

No more inner struggle
Release negative thoughts.
Renew your self confidence.

As Seen In

Immediately useful concepts. Every session gives me a new perspective and a practice of learning and discovery.

Nicolette Maury
CEO, Asto, Banco Santanda

Broadened my thinking on everything from connecting with my teenage boys to how I lead my team.

Rachel Cottier
CFO, Azure Capital

The exercises were invaluable and I learnt so much from the incredible people sharing tough and inspiring stories.

Anika Scargill

Suzy’s Masterclass didn’t only speak to me, it shook awake that sleeping thought within, telling me I could do better, and spurned me into action.

Jacqueline Wright

I felt strangely fabulous after just one session! Simple solutions to feelings of procrastination and being stuck.

Trish Quinn

Insightful and inspiring Masterclass and everything promised was delivered. And more. A toolkit for lifelong learning. Highly recommend.

Jill Alexander

Immediately useful concepts. Every session gave me a new perspective and a practice of learning and discovery.

Nicolette Maury
CEO, Asto, Banco Santanda

Engaging, informative and new understanding of myself in a positive and supportive way.

Patricia Young

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