“Your audience can’t hear, that which you have not acknowledged.”


Revealing our own unshakeable profile is the key to being someone who awakens a listener, moves an audience and creates ever-lasting value.

  • Booked for a gig and freaking out?
  • Done the speakers course and sound a little [shoulder shrug] eh! formulaic?
  • Tired of being glued to your slides, or worse, glued to your notes?
  • Can’t find the gold in your own story?

"Want to take your speaking and presentation skills next level? Work with Suzy Jacobs - her process is thorough, thought provoking and had me completely prepared for my keynote." 

Jacqui Louez Schoorl
CEO & Co-Founder, jaxsta

Expressing an authentic voice can feel risky in a world that is so comparative, competitive and judgemental.

Sharing your truth to provide something new to an audience can feel daunting because, well, hasn’t it all been said?

And enjoying the spotlight and owning the stage just feels downright un-Australian …

“Who you’re being precedes what you’re doing”

suzy jacobs

Group coaching can provide a foundation, but mastering an unshakeable profile requires an individual approach.

Together, we …

  • Discover what you stand for and create your brand
  • Shine a spotlight on your business experience to find the gold
  • Craft your content into a compelling story
  • Create memorable titles and sounds bites that sell
  • Refine body language to align with profile
  • Practice voice technique that underpins your content
  • Develop stage craft and techniques to connect with your audience
  • Weave some magic in your wardrobe

This is the toolkit that gives you freedom to say YES to the opportunities that matter.

“Suzy Jacobs has a gift for training speakers in the art of their content”

Antoinette Colbran, author and business owner

 “new in the speaker circuit or need some fine tuning in getting up in front of a crowd, then Suzy is the person to bring you to life. I had the privilege of having a few power sessions and it's amazing what you can learn from a brilliant teacher and mentor.”

Bianca Kristalis
Founder, Pamper Hamper Gifts