“Suzy has a gift for training speakers”

Antoinette colbraN

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When you know how to position, present and promote you can turn every opportunity into an advantage.

  • If your speaking career isn’t giving you a return on your investment

  • If you’re not fully booked and speaking to your ideal clients

  • If you want to re-ignite your skills to attract a new audience

  • Or your struggling to find new wisdom in an evolving story

"Want to take your speaking and presentation skills next level? Work with Suzy Jacobs - her process is thorough, thought provoking and had me completely prepared for my keynote." 

Jacqui Louez Schoorl
CEO & Co-Founder, jaxsta

Change is inevitable, growth is optional. When clients accept this and master the process of transformation, they engineer a lifetime return on investment.

Expressing an authentic voice feels risky, revealing your truth seems daunting.

Getting paid for it would be life-changing, right?

  • Discover what you stand for and create a brand that resonates with your audience

  • Shine a spotlight on your experience and find the wisdom you so want to share

  • Learn to craft your content into a compelling story

  • Add memorable sounds bites that will be repeated for years to come

  • Update your body language to match your kick-arse profile

  • Build your voice technique to give gravitas to your content

  • Loosen up on your stage presence and feel the love from your audience

  • Work some magic into your wardrobe

Suzy is simply amazing. She charms and controls the audience in equal amounts. Vivacious, knowledgeable, funny and very entertaining.


 “new to the speaker circuit or need some fine tuning in getting up in front of a crowd, then Suzy is the person to bring you to life. Suzy is a brilliant teacher and mentor.”

Bianca Kristalis
Founder, Pamper Hamper Gifts