The first honest conversation is the one you have with you


My portfolio career is my story, my intent and my true purpose – past to present and for the future. I am here to educate, inspire full self-expression and promote the rewards of personal responsibility.


Once I owned my truth, I was free to own all that I’m good at. It was then a gloriously simple process letting go of the things in life that were no longer serving me or my true purpose. All the noise, the running around, the procrastination; all the things I really didn't enjoy doing but thought I should - I let them go and not once have I looked back in doubt. I have no need to prove anything to anyone. I am free to be me. And you can be free to be you.

I learned the power of “I DON’T WANT TO”. As simple as that, no explanation necessary.

I began to feel the complete liberation that comes from asking the three simple questions that are important to me.

  1. Can I add value?
  2. Will I have fun?
  3. Can I make money?

If the answer is no, I’d rather sit at Camp Cove and watch the world go by or read a great novel. 

My portfolio career is about your personal and professional freedom and success. And it starts with one simple question - What’s your truth?


The power of conversation

We have everything we need to know at our fingertips. Literally. Just ask Google. But knowing is not living. Knowing is in your head whereas living is the experience you create. Conversations help create the context for your life and the most important conversation is the one you have with yourself. If you want to change your life, change your conversation. I am brand ambassador for the honest conversation. It is the most powerful place for me to work and play.



Practitioner of success

The system is simple, yet the impact profound. First, we get really clear on your answer to that all-important question 'What is it you want to achieve?'. This is central to True You.
We fuse the system, your outcomes and my specific experience in Business strategy, Marketing, Storytelling, Stagecraft, Facilitation, Mentoring and Communications to deliver extraordinary results. We’re building momentum by applying this powerful combination to create anything and everything you want.


your business mentor


With 30 years in the world of business – manufacturing, exporting furniture across the world, starting up a UK fitness brand and successfully selling a business in Australia. I bring to the executive table – 30 years of business ownership experience, 10 years of business education and mentoring experience plus my own personal philosophy on liberating leaders to activate business growth. 

I choose to work with a maximum of five clients at any one time. I go to them. I work with their teams. I only work with those who are coachable. I leverage my black book for their benefit. I make the gruelling enjoyable. I’m available. I'm in communication and a source of possibility at all times. I am here to keep them focused and in process. I am here to set my clients free from the expectations of tradition. My clients make more money and create a life they love.


Speak Up - Life as an MC


I have released myself from the idea of having a single message for the world. I am completely free to own the joy I feel being on stage, connecting across a wide variety of topics and audiences.

I thrive in the nuances of connecting speakers with the audience and audience with the message of the client.

I love threading stories, donning a great outfit and a killer pair of shoes to create theatre in every situation. Being on stage is pure joy for me personally, but the true sense of fulfilment arises when I witness first hand, game-changing outcomes for you and the audience.

Life as a Co-Founder


Language. Communication. Making the exclusive, accessible. Breaking down barriers. That's what I do best. Storming the old world view of men in finance who bluster on in convoluted terms to protect their kingdom and keep others, like you, from accessing their true power. Let's change the game.

Finesque opens the door to the world of “money” and invites you to waltz on in. Dissatisfied with a money sector offering simplistic, product based options to your multi-faceted financial affairs, you are seeking sophisticated solutions.

Our clients are CEOs, executives and business owners with a lifestyle to enhance and a financial future to be maintained. They are mothers, partners, daughters and lovers, who value independence and connectedness. Motivated to lead high functioning and successful teams in their commercial life they want nothing less from the team guiding their personal financial decisions.

In everything I have ever put my heart to - in every challenge and every opportunity, I have focused on one crucial point. To remain true to all that I am and all that I am looking to achieve. This is what true you is all about.