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Being misunderstood or not understanding something can cause us frustration, but asking one this simple question can change everything: “What do you mean by that?”

In this episode, we distill the purpose of indecision and cover:

  • The challenges that changing communication channels bring.

  • How and why it is important to be responsible in our communication.

  • The reason why communication doesn’t work when something isn’t being said.

  • The risks of reading between the lines.

  • The use of miscommunication as a reason for not being clear enough.

  • Why being misunderstood is a myth.

#Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:  

  1. When you don’t get the response you want or expect, ask yourself what you didn’t say. Take responsibility and then communicate it.

  2. Whenever you find yourself reacting to a communication, 1) ask “what did you mean by that?” or 2) feedback what you thought it meant by saying “did you mean this?” and then respond.

  3. Being explicit in all your communication is a choice. It saves time, energy and makes life simple.


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