If Something Doesn't Change, The Truth Hasn't Been Told

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It can be very frustrating when things don’t go your way despite all the changes you make. But nothing will change no matter how many times you seem to change it if you don’t tell the whole truth.

In this episode, we discuss this essential distinction and cover:

  • Why this distinction is the ultimate responsibility that requires massive honesty.

  • How this relates to the distinction of “I get to choose and create the whole of my reality”.

  • Lorna’s experience of this distinction, how she overcame it and how she is dealing with it now.

  • Being in charge of the distinction rather than getting rid of it.

  • How the distinction applies to running your business.

#Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:  

  1. If you want something to change, tell the truth and keep telling the truth until it does.

  2. You will recognise you’ve told the whole truth when the energy shifts, and it will when you tell the whole truth.

  3. Be patient and gentle with yourself. It’s not a race. Be here now and just tell the truth.


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