Love yourself. Tell the truth. Be responsible.

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How would life be any different if you can you love yourself, tell the truth and be responsible? If finding the source of inner peace during the craziest, busiest, most challenging times of life is of interest, stick around to discover the magic of this distinction.

In this episode we cover:

  • Suzy’s Triple Top Line Questions to sorting opportunities: can I add value, will I have fun and can I make money?

  • Cut-through and power of both the triple distinction and the triple top line questions in making decisions.

  • The 3 keys to the new paradigm.

  • Suzy’s personal experience of this distinction.

  • Mastering the new paradigm by consistently applying the same rigor with these 3 distinctions.

  • The meaning of loving yourself.

  • Transforming your experience of life when you love yourself.

#Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:  

  1. Get to know who this self is that I’m here to be.  

  2. When in doubt, ask: “what would loving myself look like right now?” And then do that.

  3. Use loving yourself, telling the truth and being responsible as a 3-step conscious process for 1 whole day and see what happens.

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