You’re never upset for the reason you think you are

In this episode, Lorna Patten, co-creator of extraordinary conversations, and I will talk about the distinction called “You’re never upset for the reason you think you are.” We will discuss and explain why when we are upset, it’s because of something that’s happened in the past and not the present. When you’re in The Change Room you’re in the new paradigm. We’ll share stories and provide tools for your Thrival Kit, and more.

This episode is in honour of our friend and colleague, Monica Brewer, an extraordinary and beautiful human being.

In this episode we cover:

  • How the past is so critical to this distinction and how it interferes with the present. 

  • Suzy’s story of how she has experienced this distinction.

  • How creating space, slowing down, thinking about what was going on and digging below the superficial reaction has helped Suzy get to her source of truth and be present.

  • When you’re willing to stop for a moment and be present then you get see what’s really at source and it’s not usually what you first think it is.

  • Lorna shares her example of going through this distinction and how she got through it and became present.

  • The power of having an awareness of this distinction so that you can be responsible for unpacking what’s actually going on and having the conversation that matters in that moment with that person about that thing.

#Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:

  1. When you find yourself reacting, ask yourself, “what’s really going on?” And then listen and keep responding until the energy shifts - and it will.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with feeling upset. It’s simply an opportunity to get present and respond. So, let go of the judgement and get curious instead.

  3. The more you practice choosing to view everything through the filter of ‘being cause’ through the paradigm of love, the easier it gets.

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