Episode 19: Trust

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In this thought-provoking episode, we delve into trust and how the concept of not putting trust in others has transformed my business experience and relationships.

Lorna Patten and I share with you the powerful distinction of Trust - how people think of it and use it. We’ll share stories and examples to bring this to life, and more tools for your thrival tool kit.

In this episode we cover:

  • The most powerful place to source trust is inside you, not outside.

  • Why there is no room for blame in Trust.  

  • How to take responsibility about what you create and all that happens to you.  

  • Unearthing the freedom to choose what to do and how to respond next.

  • Trust what you know before you trust anything outside of you.

  • Acknowledge what you have and haven’t done.

  • If you don’t tell the truth, nothing will change.


#Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:  

  • Trust is an inside job.

  • Put space and time between you and your response.

  • Progress is in the practice.

  • Practice trusting your first thought, first feeling, your first “aha!” and see what happens

  • Tell the truth about what you can trust - you!

  • Notice what’s going on for you when you do and don’t trust yourself, and change your actions accordingly.

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