Episode 17: Ok, Loveable, Valuable

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Today in The Change Room we’re joined by the co-creator of Extraordinary Conversations, Lorna Patten, as we distill the distinction, “I’m ok, loveable, and valuable.”

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • The story of how this distinction came into Suzy’s life.

  • Steps that Suzy went through to accept the distinction.

  • The distinction of “I’m ok, I’m lovable and valuable because I am.”

  • Outcomes when you accept the distinction.

  • Suggestions for people who are struggling with this distinction

  • Choosing to accept and experience what you want.

Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:

  • Slow it down to speed it up.

  • Swap your external noise for your inside voice.

  • Write “I am okay, I am loveable, I am valuable” and stick it somewhere you can see it.

  • Choose to act like you’re ok, loveable and valuable. Even when you don’t feel like you are.

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