Episode 15: Fear

Having discussed the distinction ‘Judgement’ last episode, today Lorna Patten and I look at the big one - Fear.  

When we talk fear,  most of us imagine the big fears in life - fear of dying, public speaking, skydiving, leaving a job to chase a dream, but fear is more insidious and pervasive than that.

In this episode we cover:

  • How fear shows up in our life.

  • The context of fear is not the same as the feeling of fear.

  • That feeling scared and operating out of fear are not the same thing.

  • Old vs new paradigm – Love vs Fear.

  • Any restrictions you place in your life is a sign of fear impacting your decision making.

  • Finding your voice and practicing it every day.

  • The importance of showing up and speaking your truth in all moments, no matter how small.

  • Asking yourself - what choices would I make if I had no fear?

#Thrival Tips for your Thrival Kits:

  • Be aware of, and acknowledge, if your choices are coming from a place of love or fear.

  • Remember that fear is an illusion.

  • Make friends with your ego mind.

  • Choose to be conscious of all the ways fear shows up.

  • Ask yourself - what would love do. 

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