Episode 14: Judgement - Yours and Others

Following on from the last episode Choosing What You Want, Lorna Patten and I look further in to the distinction of judgement – of ourselves and of others.

Back in my 20’s I gave up playing tennis for about 5 years because I was so harsh on myself about my performance on the court that I lost all joy in the sport. When have you judged yourself that harshly?

As this episode flows, we’ll share stories, examples and deeper distinctions and... just wait till the end to get our top tips to add to your thrival kit.

Last episode we uncovered the freedom in choosing and touched on the barriers to change. We specifically mentioned fear and judgement.

Judgement - of ourselves and others - is one of the biggest road blocks my clients need to plough through.

In this episode we cover:

  • The importance to practice and play with all these distinctions.
  • How judgement can be repulsive and the biggest roadblock to change.
  • Understanding that we cannot feel judged until we first judge ourselves.
  • Deleting more from your vocabulary.
  • How judgement limits your creativity and ability to be open and curious.
  • The freedom that comes when you accept you are judgmental and know it is not right or wrong.
  • The judgements about our judgements is the issue.
  • Whatever we say to ourselves, know it is constantly being repeated internally.

#Thrival Tips for your #Thrival Kit

  • Reviewing everything this week through the distinction of judgement.
  • See how judgement is impacting your days.
  • Accept that you will always judge.
  • Let it come and let it go.
  • Notice how you feel when you choose to let go of judging yourself.

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