Episode 6: Response Ability

Today we are looking at Response Ability – that is your ability to choose how you respond to what shows up in front of you.  

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Re- establishing the power of context before we start exploring the context of response ability, or commonly known as responsibility.

  • Defining what responsibility actually is and what it’s not.

  • The impact we feel when our fear and responsibility collide.

  • How crucial it is to stop and acknowledge how we’re feeling and what our considered response is to that feeling, at that time.

  • The ‘reacting’ to something is actually ‘acting’ to something that is already over, and how this moment again gives us the ability to choose how we respond.

  • That our fears are just feelings, they’re not facts, and we have the choice of how we want to respond to fear.

  • How fear, if not responded to well can send you into a hyperdrive of doing.

  • The fact that we get to choose our context – love or fear.

Links mentioned in the show:

Episode 3 - Context

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