Episode 5: I Am & I Do

Today we are looking at the life changing distinction – I Am & I Do
What happens when the things we do, don’t turn out the way we  want - and why the key for this distinction is understanding that ‘what you do’ isn't ‘who you are’.   

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Suzy’s own experience when facing her biggest fear - not selling tickets to her annual Fearless event in 2016. When the campaign didn’t go as planned, she dealt with the paralysing feeling of ‘I'm not good enough’ and navigated her way through to capacity sales and in doing so changed this filter forever.

  • How the blocks we experience in business, have their root cause in the underlying feelings and internal struggles rather than the practical application of business strategies.

  • What you have done, or not done, is not who you are and doesn’t define your value.

  • The truth about what actually happens when you stick with the uncomfortable process of cleaning up 'your stuff' , the importance of context when getting feedback and  the art of getting out of your own way so the results can come through.

Links mentioned in the show:

Episode 3 - Context

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