Episode 9: Be. Do. Have.

Today in The Change Room we are looking at the Be Do Have model. It is all about creating who we are being as a way to achieve your desired outcomes.

In this episode Suzy Jacobs and Lorna Patten explore:

  • The Be Do Have model.

  • Why we currently live the opposite - the 'Have. Do. Be.' model.

  • It all starts with getting clear about who you want to be.

  • Being as a state.

  • What happens when you choose to be present, then create actions which produce the outcomes/results.

  • Why we are not talking affirmations.

  • How affirmations often miss an important ingredient – the truth.

  • The daily joy of living and knowing your unshakeable truth.

  • The truth that every human being is lovable and valuable.

  • That love always trumps fear.

  • Every morning before you create your action list, choose who you want to be.

  • When things don't go as planned, think about who you were being in that moment and then choose who you need to be to have a different outcome.

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