Episode 10: Whole Whole Model

Today in The Change Room we distill one of the most powerful models to be used within the macro model of I Create the Whole of my Own Reality.  It’s the Whole Whole model.

In this episode Suzy Jacobs and Lorna Patten we’ll explore:

  • How the whole of me, creates the whole of my own reality.

  • Only 10% of what you create is conscious.

  • By taking responsibility you increase your consciousness.

  • How do I take responsibility for what shows up when it wasn't what was planned.

  • What is the benefit of creating Z when I was creating X.

  • There is always a reason Z shows up.

  • There is nothing to be gained from being annoyed and pissed off by Z showing up.

  • The importance of not getting stuck in the elephant hunt of asking 'why' things happen, instead focus on asking HOW did this happen and what purpose does it serve.

  • It's not about the quantity of knowledge, it is about practice and awareness.

  • Use this model for anything you want to change especially when you are not getting what you wanted.  Notice the feelings and thoughts around this, and accept that whatever occurred you caused it.

  • Take the steps and see what shifts.  Continue to practice this over and over again.  

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