Episode 12: Welcome to Season Two

Today we launch Season Two of The Change Room!

Season one was all about establishing and a great language for our conversations. We use business stories to demonstrate and distill foundation distinctions.

We covered Filters, Feelings, Not Good Enough stuff, Response-Ability and Truth. We looked at the "Be Do Have" model and the "Whole Whole" model and it was all about you getting a sense of the absolute joy, power and fun that is up for grabs when you consciously create and cause the whole of your own reality.

In this Season, we're diving deeper and giving you a broader vocabulary. We'll start by defining ‘Choose What You Want’. One of the most powerful distinctions you'll get access to. We end the season with ‘Understanding versus Experience’.

Lorna Patten will again be joining us for the second season and there will be Thrival Tips to ensure your Thrival Kit is full and ready for when you need to get things back on track. 

The main thing to always remember is: The only expert you need in your life and business is you!

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