Episode 11: Season One Wrap

Today we celebrate and wrap up Season 1 of The Change Room by highlighting some of our favourite conversations (and boopers!).

We’ll be back in a few weeks with Season 2 but in the meantime make sure to say in touch with us in our Facebook Group.

During this episode we recap Episode 1-9:

  • The four levels of filters that affect our communication.

  • Filters give meaning to your everything. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing change your filter and make a different choice.

  • Difference between feelings and fact and these things affect our stories.

  • E-motion = Energy-in-motion.

  • Our feelings are created in our head before we feel them and are affected by our filters.

  • Why your action list isn't the stumbling block for moving your business forward

  • Why setting up the context first is so important when communicating.

  • The cost of 'living in a not good enough' state of mind and how it impacts our ability to live authentically.

  • Why you need to tell the truth to yourself first and then the others around you.

  • Who I am is not what I do. The value of who I am is that I’m me.

  • Defining responsibility as ‘response ability’ – the ability to respond. It actually means: I get to choose. I have a choice.

  • Why we need to focus on living the ‘Be Do Have’ model rather than ‘Have Do Be’

  • The question you need to ask yourself when things aren't turning out as expected

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