Episode 2: Feelings

Today we are following up on the last episode about filters and continue the conversations around feelings and why we must understand that our feelings are not facts.  

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Understanding what a feeling actually is – energy and emotions.
  • The internal dialogue that you keep telling yourself and the impact this, largely unconscious practice can have on our feelings.
  • How a feeling is meant to be felt for about 90 seconds.
  • The challenges that can occur when we agree with the feelings we have that aren’t factual and how this impacts on our behaviours and actions.
  • The need to get emotionally resourced.
  • The realisation when you acknowledge that your feelings are not the facts, and the freedom that can be felt from speaking and identifying your truth.
  • There are no short cuts, experience is everything and the need to keep practicing to feel your feelings

Links mentioned in the show: https://www.suzyjacobs.com/

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