Episode 0: Welcome

Welcome to The Change Room – the podcast that creates the space for change and where the only expert you really need…is you. 

In this episode Suzy opens up and shares:

  • Knowledge, experience and passion of how  she lives each day and ‘shows up’ in the world. 
  • Her experience and understanding of the challenges in building a business and also what it takes to run a successful one. 
  • That she didn't always have that knowledge and discovered whilst seeking it, she was overwhelmed with the number of experts and a just how much information it out there. 
  • Then it dawned on her. She had THAT ah ha moment. Everything changed when she realised that, as she says “the only expert in building my business, my wealth, and my life… Is me”. 
  • This became her introduction to her ‘Unshakable Truth’.
  • Suzy invites you into The Change Room to help you access to your own Unshakable Truth.
  • Each episode we’ll discuss a key aspect to finding your truth and enjoy extraordinary conversations, examine leadership conscience and communications together. 
  • Remember in The Change Room, you are always what happens next. 

Links mentioned in the show: https://www.suzyjacobs.com/

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